Employee Assistance Program

Cascade Centers

Cascade Centers

Call to request services. Support is available 24 hours a day: Call 800-433-2320, text 503-850-7721, email info@cascadecenters.com, or visit www.cascadecenters.com. Under the Member Login tab, enter CIS as the company name. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL benefit that can assist you and your eligible family members with any personal problem, large or small.

Cascade Personal Advantage 

Innovative educational tools and resources.  Chat live with the EAP, take self-assessments, view videos, access personal growth courses, download documents, and more.
Cascade will help locate resources and information related to Eldercare, Childcare or anything else you may need.
Legal Consultations/Mediation
Call Cascade for a free 30-minute office or telephone consultation.  A 25% discount from the attorney’s/mediator’s normal hourly rate is available thereafter.
Financial Coaching
Coaches will provide 30 consecutive days of financial coaching to help develop better spending habits, reduce debt, improve credit, increase savings and plan for retirement.
Identity Theft
This service provides members with up to a 60-minute free consultation with a highly trained Fraud Resolution Specialist™ (FRS) who will conduct emergency response activities and assist members with restoring their identity, good credit, and dispute fraudulent debts.
Home Ownership Program
Assistance and discounts for buying, selling, and refinancing.
Gym Membership Discounts
Discounts for gym and studio memberships, nutrition programs, and wellness resources.  To access, visit www.globalfit.com/cascadeEAP
Personalized Consultation with an EAP Professional
Five counseling sessions face to face, over the phone, or online for concerns such as:
  • Marital conflict
  • Conflict at work
  • Depression
  • Stress management
  • Family relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Grieving a loss
  • Career development services

EAP Tool 

  • Well kit questionnaire and online legal tools
  • Life coaching for personal or professional goals
  • Tax preparation Q&A and discounted services
  • Pet insurance discounts


Contact Cascade Centers

  • Select "member login" and then register as a new user
  • For the company name, enter CIS

Contact Cascade Centers


  • Select "member login" and then register as a new user
  • For the company name, enter CIS
Questions about your EAP? Please contact the CIS Benefits department.