Healthy Eating & Weight Management


CIS Benefits offers programs for healthy eating and weight management.

General Program Eligibility Includes:

  • Must be covered by a CIS medical plan (employee and/or covered dependent)

  • Must be 18 or older

Reimbursement Programs:

  • Receive 70% reimbursement of program costs up to a maximum of $400 per calendar year

  • Must demonstrate regular program participation (e.g. attend at least 70% of weekly meetings)

  • Reimbursement is not available for electronic tracking devices or monthly monitoring fees

  • Submit a Reimbursement Form at the end of your program sequence

Program Options:

  1. Weight Watchers® (Community/At-Work meetings, Online)

  2. Community, hospital, or clinic based programs (requires prior CIS approval)

  • Programs must promote eating “regular” food, stress physical activity, encourage food tracking, be educational in nature, and recognize other factors that influence weight such as stress, genetics, emotions, etc.

  • Questions: Email


Need help?

Please contact the CIS Benefits department.